Crunch Nutrition

I grew up in France where I embarked on a life-long love of cooking and food. However, I struggled with my weight as a teenager and I fell prey to an eating disorder. Recovering some time later sparked up my interest in food and how it can affect our body and soul. A few years down the line I had only what I could describe as an epiphany: food was part and parcel of my life and I wouldn't feel fulfilled until I did something about it. I therefore decided to quit my job in publishing and re-train for four years at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London to become a nutritional therapist.

I am a firm believer that diet and lifestyle are key to optimum health but also that you don't have to live off sawdust to be healthy. I will therefore do my upmost to combine my knowledge of nutrition with my love of cooking to help you achieve your goals without you staring down an empty plate.

My aim is to empower you to make changes to your life and give you the tools and support to do so.