Devon Nutrition

Hello and welcome to Devon Nutrition the website of Exmouth Nutritionist Hazel Pelham. About Me. Having started life as an Engineer I was inspired to study nutrition after a change of diet helped me to recover from Crohn's Disease. I trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition under Patrick Holford and graduated with distinction in 1997. I like to work with clients in a practical and supportive way. I'm not a fan of restrictive or puritanical eating habits. I simply aim to provide workable solutions to health problems by focusing on good food and simple supplements. I believe that nutrition is a very undervalued science in today's world. Giving the body the right raw ingredients for health is a fundamental step in the healing process. Anyone can benefit from improved nutrition and it doesn't have to mean giving up all your favourite foods in favour of tofu and rice cakes. I work with clients of all ages from babies with colic, to pensioners with macular degeneration.