Nutri-Eats was created by Fitness Chef director Sharn Walton. A local, talented and experienced chef with over 17 years of catering knowledge & sport nutrition qualifications.

We have evolved the service into a something that is accessible to all and not just for the elite athlete.

The idea is to provide essential nutritional foods into people's diets. By creating our own concept of the 21st century Paleo diet we also can achieve a whole, clean holistic approach to eating in what we believe in. It's a lifestyle and not a fad. However we also see how many people have their own belief or what they see as the food and combinations that work best them. This is where we created a personalised meal delivery service. This enables the clients to pick and choose from a range of super fresh ingredients, nutrient dense to help achieve their goal, if its to lose or maintain weight or simply to eat healthier. This caters for all diets and taste to reach every corner of imagination.