Spring Nutrition

Nutrition is a very powerful tool. Changing your diet for the better is one of the easiest ways to feel good, look good and protect your future health. Nutrition has been life changing for me and I now get to make it life changing for others! In my early 20's I was ill, suffering from many complex symptoms that the doctors did not know how to deal with. I finally saw a Nutritionist after reading a book by Patrick Holford and my experience led me to studying the subject and embarking on a massive career change.

I LOVE nutrition, it is so simple and so powerful and yet we seem to have lost our way with our health and diet. We have 1 in 4 children starting Primary School already over-weight, we have the fussiest children in Europe, more and more babies are taking prescribed medication such as Gaviscon and cases of ADHD are on the rise. Something has gone very wrong! As a parent of two young children this really does bother me.