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Living like a saint is neither practical nor enjoyable or sustainable for the majority of people. I ate and drunk with impunity. Life was good, I was not concerned about nor thought about the quality of my diet. I had no idea in my 20's that the good times could not last forever nor that what I was eating could be affecting my general health. I developed a keen interest in nutrition and weight management around this time, and started to take my diet far more seriously, but the weight kept gradually creeping up and the waistline slowly grew, inch by inch - sound familiar?

In 2012, something completely unexpected and completely out of the blue was to change my life forever, and in more ways than one. I was on day 2 of a family holiday in deepest France when I received a phone call informing me that my father had died - at 66. I had only been speaking with him 2 days before and he seemed perfectly fine, which added to the shock.