Absolute Nutrition Therapy

The quality of the food that we eat, the use of processed foods, the increase of chemicals used in and outside our homes and workplace, and the stresses of modern life have all put an incredible strain on our body systems. When the body is out of balance it will let you know in some way - whether it be pain, depression, asthma, high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia or simply a spot that won't go away! There are growing numbers of cases of diabetes, cancers, Alzheimers, MS, ME, infertility and digestive problems.

These and many other conditions can be caused or aggravated by toxin overload, a deficiency of one or more nutrients, or/and by poor diet and lifestyle. Nutritional therapy helps to bring the body back into balance and restore energy and vitality. This can be done by giving the body the nutrients that it requires via a combination of foods, supplements and maybe some simple lifestyle changes. It is amazing how quickly the body can repair itself. Its never too soon to start!