Nourish Cheltenham

We provide simple, science-backed dietary advice that is individually tailored and fits into your everyday life. To be successful, healthy eating must be fun and easy to incorporate in your daily routine. So we won't lecture you about what you should eat or judge your lifestyle. Instead, our approach is to work with you to provide friendly, practical advice and inspiration to help you eat a tasty, nutritious and healthy diet.

Having completed both degrees side by side, Nicola and Nelle built a strong friendship based around shared interests and ambitions and a dedication to nutrition. Their vision to translate all that they have learnt into simple and practical advice is what prompted them to start up 'Nourish' in their home town, Oxford. Since day one, we were keen to expand the team and bring Nourish to multiple cities across the UK. On meeting Natalie, we saw in her the same ambitions, energy and drive that we have and felt she would be the perfect person to bring Nourish to London.