Weight Loss & Wellbeing Clinic

The Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic is dedicated to promoting healthy living and healthy eating. Its principle aim is to give each and every client the skills they need to take control of their lives and make the long-term lifestyle changes they desire. Sarah is founder and Director of the Weight Loss and Wellbeing Clinic. She is a chartered psychologist and an associate lecturer with the Open University, and she has worked extensively with a wide range of clients presenting with various psychological issues.

In 2012, Sarah joined the team at The Cleve Spa to establish the Clinic and to develop an effective, and exclusive, treatment program. The aim of the program, and of her work more widely, is to give each and every client the confidence and skills to lose weight and keep it off, and to develop a positive relationship with food. Sarah works jointly with the highly trained and experienced staff at The Cleve Spa to achieve this aim.