121 Dietitian
Have you heard of COUNTERWEIGHT? This is our NEW and EXCLUSIVE evidence based weight management programme only delivered by the specialists @ 121 Dietitian. Designed to enjoy with weight loss for life
UltraSlim Clinics
Imagine a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that costs a fraction of what most treatments cost, is permanent, and tackles those stubborn areas such as 'love handles' and bely fat. Non-Invasive Lipo
Vital Nutrition
Vital Nutrition specialises in developing bespoke, tailor made nutritional programmes to help you achieve 100% optimum health. We will take a fresh look at your diet and suggest simple, practical
Life Therapies Northern Ireland
Our team includes UKCP and BACP Accredited Psychotherapists, Eating Disorder Clinicians, Registered & Accredited Coaches, Nutritionists and Holistic Therapists. Classes suitable for Counsellors,
The New You Plan
Her inspiration, enthusiasm and dedication to the company were born out of her own experience of a Total Food Replacement (TFR) diet. Julz wanted to help others achieve their weight loss goals in the
CACI is the 'jaguar' of all beauty treatments. A CACI non surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI Quantum machine. The CACI programme consists of a course of weekly
The best way to lose weight safely is to make lifestyle changes; by eating less calories than you burn and getting more exercise. If you feel you cannot achieve this by yourself then Healthwise Weight