I have been working as a Natural Nutrition Practitioner in Dorset for the last 12 years now and in the Complementary Health Field for over 22 years. I offer a range of treatments, as well as
Fresh Nutrition
I have had a passion for nutrition for over 10 years. I began to notice the effects that different foods had on the way I felt, both immediately after eating them and in the hours & days thereafter.
Because you want to lose weight, because you long for the energy you had 10 years ago, because you spend hours in the supermarket each week buying the same food, because you don't know how to change
Simon Lesser
Simon has worked in Health & Fitness since 1998, and shares his knowledge and experience to offer a professional service. Having always competed in sports including mountain biking, running, weight
ACE Diets
ACE diets is a freelance nutrition and behavioural change consultancy that provides expert advice to promote health and reduce illness. We appreciate how hard it is to make dietary and lifestyle
Herbalife Distributors
During the evaluation we ask you to fill in a questionnaire and a food log, and we do a personal body analysis to measure your body fat, muscle and protein requirements. Using this information, we
MY Food Lifestyle
MY Food, your fresh food diet delivery team invite you to join us on a healthy life journey! You are in experienced hands, we have been delivering a delicious way of life for over 11 years & we know
Tone Fitness
The first thing you need to know about us is we have a CAN DO ATTITUDE, to everything. We will challenge you and hold you accountable; this is the secret to consistent results we achieve. We operate
Anna Marsh Nutrition
So, when you come to me, you can be confident that you'll get a bespoke plan, tailored to meet your individual needs. My approach is different: I use the Functional Medicine Approach to health, which
Jango Health & Fitness
Nothing I can say will motivate you long term. It might get you through a long day like today or tomorrow. But next week, next month, next year, that's down to you. You've got a lot of things going on